Monday, May 29, 2006

Things That Will Happen That I Need To Be OK With

1. My child will eat dirt.

2. My child will eat crayons, paper, and play dough.

3. My child will eat dog food. (note to self: make sure we continue to buy the good stuff)

4. My child will play in the dog's water dish and will share food with the dogs.

5. My child will share toys with Penny.

6. Penny will switch her sock stealing fixation to the baby's socks. (note to self: talk to vet about indicators for intestinal obstruction)

7. My child will have consonant confusion resulting in cringe inducing moments involving the word "truck."

8. My child will have a melt down in a highly public location. There will be looks. This will happen more than once.

9. I will have a melt down. Hopefully, not in a highly public location. This will happen more than once.

10. Should I wind up breast feeding, I will flash someone unintentionally.

11. My child will go through a period where the child WILL NOT eat anything other than 2 nutritionally questionable foods. My worries about scurvy will be unfounded.

I'm sure this list will grow...


Mrs. Flinger said...

ROFL. This is why I love your blog so much. Because yes, yes, yes, oH! And yes!

And then you'll cuss a lot on your blog because it's the only place you can do it without little lips copying you.

Becky said...

And I love yours... Oh, the mushy goodness we share! :-) Sadly, we are not lesbians, sigh...