Saturday, May 27, 2006

Darn Birds and Sunshine

First, it has come to my attention that my completely irrational crush on Prince William is unabated by motherhood. On hearing news that his relationship with the lovely Katherine seems solid, I was momentarily crushed. The fact that I would be deemed unsuitable on oh so many levels doesn't seem to factor into my secret conviction that if I had met William before I met my husband than all would be different.

Second, the progesterone surge (along with the poison ivy) that was making my life miserable is nicely fading. My hips still require a bit of TLC but are not nearly as painful as they were and my morning sickness is back to a manageable level. The sleepy truck has made a re-appearance. My husband has been warned that speaking to me between 2 and 5 pm is risky at best but the baby no longer has a guaranteed middle name of "never again."

Third, I have several bird feeders in the yard and we live in a semi-rural area where we have a fairly nice bird and critter habitat. I would putter in the kitchen and they would come to the bird feeder and entertain me. However, every year, at about this time, you can hear me muttering about the damn birds and sunshine. We live high enough into the mountains that the evenings tend to be cool and the humidity is quite low for southern Virginia so, we can keep the bedroom windows open at night. The birds begin a deafening round of assorted song at about 5:15- about the time the sun begins to stream into the bedroom. We, of course, keep the blinds up so that we can have the lovely breeze. The only thing missing from our little idylic interlude (prior to the birds and sunshine) is the soft scent of magnolia blossom since our magnolia inexplicably never actually blooms. The birds begin to go on their birdy way and relative peace decends at about 6:15. Unfortunately, our neighbors let their dogs out at about 6:20. They aren't the quietest dogs but are generally not a problem except for the fact that our dogs find the whole matter of open upstairs windows highly confusing. They can hear the dogs but the barking is coming from a Brand New Location. These are obviously Brand New Invaders and should be warned away. However, the dogs can't figure out where to go to scare them away since the windows are above doggy eye level and doggie ear level. This results in much confused circling of the bedroom and barking. This, as opposed to the progesterone surge, may explain the resurgence of the sleepy truck actually...

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