Thursday, June 01, 2006

How Much Sleep Could I Possibly Need?

My husband has finally been able to start feeling the baby kick. This has prompted instruction in basic math for the baby. He switches back and forth between tapping my belly and proclaiming the corresponding number with telling the baby how many times it's kicked. I have tried to do my part by singing "The Subtraction Blues" one of the great Sesame Street songs of all time found on "The Count Counts" album. I have suggested that perhaps we should hold off on any more advanced instruction until the baby has mastered swallowing, sucking, and breathing.

I have discovered the wonder of the morning nap. I often wake up at about 6:30 and spend the next couple of hours dozing. However, by the time 2:00 rolls around I've had it. Suprisingly, if you don't really become active until about 10:00 (the magic morning sickness hour) and then require a 3 hour rest period starting at 2:00, your day is less than productive. I was delighted to find out that if I just suck it up and actually eat breakfast and such at 6:30 and then putter around on the computer until 8:30 and then take a morning nap, I feel like a complete lazy ass but can actually skip afternoon nap time. This has been a revelation. It completely kills all morning productivity but, starting at about 11:00, I can actually work on projects for most of the afternoon. It's fabulous! I can now feel like a productive member of society. I have managed to complete tasks that have hung over my head for weeks. While I am still completely awed by how much sleep it seems to take to produce a baby, not to mention the empty tundra which is my mind starting at about 5:30 every day, I do at least get to get things done. Yipee!


Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, you remind me.. I'll have morning sickness. But my bewitched hour was 3pm. I wonder if it'll be the same the next 'time around.


Great job with the nap idea. Seriously. Do it. Always. And do not feel lazy. TRUST me. :-)

Becky said...

Thank you! I am working equally on "I'm not lazy, I"m making a baby," and "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant." It's amazing how society skews our internal thinking, isn't it?