Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh, dear...

The baby seems to enjoy hanging out very low. This has created a rather awkward problem for me when we're out and about. I'm to the point now that I'm sort of showing. If you know I'm pregnant and I'm wearing something somewhat fitted, you can definitely tell I'm pregnant. But, if you didn't know or I'm wearing something looser then no dice. Yesterday, my husband and I were running errands and the baby decided to sit right at the bottom of my pelvis. This was less than comfortable. Usually, I can rub the baby a little until he (or she) gets the hint and shifts a bit but, apparently all the walking was very soothing for the baby (although, not so much for me) and he was enjoying a nice nap. In addition, since the baby was so low, I was stuck having to rub the underside of my belly which is one of those spots that doesn't quite look obscene to rub in public but definitely looks odd- unless, of course, you're pregnant. Unfortunately, I was wearing this nice full skirted dress I have which almost completely conceals my pregnancy. So, the baby wouldn't budge and I was stuck in the middle of Home Depot contemplating exactly how loudly I would need to talk to my husband about our nursery plans to make sure everyone around us knew that I wasn't weird, just pregnant. To make everything more fun, I have realized that I have a rather odd "growth" dilemma. My bazongas are currently causing more wardrobe issues than my tummy. So, while the lovely flowy dress fits my tummy fine, the top was quite constricting and made my chest itch horribly where the seams and zipper were. So, in addition to trying to discretely rub areas which ladies just don't generally rub in public I was also trying to discretely adjust the zipper (conviently located in my armpit), princess seams, and underwire so that I could get really wild and take a deep breath. I had another talk with the baby this morning about how he better be damn cute- if he decides to hang out in my lower pelvis the whole time, I'm adding sleeping through the night at 6 weeks to my demands.

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