Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Some Kind of Wonderful

So, over the last week I have definitely been able to feel the baby moving. We have an active little bugger. I have started hoping she is a girl, just because she would be so strong. I feel little butterfly kiss kicks. When I do the exercises to help my hips, I feel her roll up and down my abdomen. When it's 4 am and I have a round of insomnia, I have a little someone performing a floor show to keep me occupied. When I have the laptop on my belly, I can feel her pushing against it. I feel her snoozing in spots I didn't even know I had. She also likes to make her mommy queasy.

In the morning, I pray, bargain with my GI track, and carefully drink my tea and eat my 100 calorie Chips Ahoy, Oreos, or peanut butter thins. She is her Daddy's girl and especially likes his peppermint tea with all the extra sugar. Within minutes of starting the slow and cautious coaxing of my stomach the baby makes herself known. Since I am laying still, there is no rocking to lull her back to sleep. There is peppermint seeping into her amniotic fluid, pepping her up (she definitely responds most strongly to peppermint tea) and carbohydrates of all sorts suddenly entering her blood stream. She bounces, she twists, she flutters, she pirouettes , she makes her mommy motion sick. It is some kind of wonderful.


Mrs. Flinger said...

Awesome. :-) I kinda miss that.

Becky said...

It will happen again. :-)

mini said...

last night i was talking with my fiend about this.and since it was mother's day we were trying really hard to feel how it feels to be a mother.though i am still in college and still unmarried so ur words really gave me goosebumps and made me understand why i am soo special to my mother.all the best:-}