Friday, May 19, 2006

You take the good, you take the bad...

This was quite the week in pregnancy.

I got an email informing that this was generally considered to be the most pleasant part of pregnancy. I sobbed. If this was "the best" I thought that it might be advisable to see if the ob could just knock me out for the next 4 months or so. While it looks like I will be having a c-section, my hips, at least, are totally into preparing for vaginal delivery. I am quite the loosey-goosey and I apparently had a "hormone surge" in the last week or so which resulted in my hips throwing themselves completely out of alignment which results in excruciating pain if you want to do anything wild such as roll over in bed or walk. The surge also led to a super fun resurgence of morning sickness which left me puking in not one, but 2 doctor's offices. Whoo! I keep telling myself that it can't possibly last more than another 4 months... To top the week off, there was the poison ivy. I seem to be blessed with a rather strong reaction to the weed and have been quite careful about it. But, I didn't know that the roots were also problematic so, while planting the gladioli bulbs (finally), I managed to get myself nicely exposed. Conveniently, the worst of the hip pain was on my right side while the worst of the poison ivy is on my left and I've hit that point where laying on my back results in me throwing up so, not that much sleep was happening. Happily, I saw both my Physical Therapist and OB on Wednesday. The PT put me back in alignment (and was also quite nice about me throwing up in her trash can) and the OB took pity on me and prescribed some nice steroid cream which he assured me wouldn't hurt the baby but has managed to make me feel guilty anyway- when the child needs braces at age 12, I'm pretty sure I'll be certain it's because I couldn't hold out on the poison ivy. I excel at guilt! The PT also told me that the extended morning sickness was doing fabulous things for my stomach muscles. I repeat this to myself several times a day... And, between the morning sickness, chocolate aversion, and extreme sugar sensitivity I have going, excessive weight gain is a near impossibility.

The "good" of the week was the congenital abnormalities ultrasound. The baby looks fantastic. There is a little heart and brain. There are kidneys and lungs and a nicely functioning stomach. There are 2 arms and legs and the lips look good. The baby likes to sit tailor style in the very bottom of my pelvis and chews on it's arm a lot, when it's not rubbing it's eyes in a most adorable manner. Sizewise, the baby has enjoyed feasting on my fat reserves and is smack dab in the middle of the growth chart and right on schedule for a late September delivery. I also think that the baby is almost strong enough for my husband to feel the baby kick. In other good news, I had been feeling considerable anxiety about the gestational diabetes test since sugar tends to make me throw up. I had visions of spending hours and hours knocking back glucose drink, desperately trying to keep it down. On Wednesday, the OB assured me that there were other ways of getting the information and I would only have to throw up once. A great sigh emerged, although, both the OB and my husband found it very amusing that I would think there would be this Atilla-like nurse urging me to "Drink it! AGAIN! Schnell! Schell!" Men!


Anne said...

Becky, I just wanted to write and thank you for your last comment. Everyone was trying to be supportive to my situation and I appreciate it but your well-thought out and informative discussion points really helped me the most. Thank you so much.

Becky said...

Hi Anne!

I'm so glad that I could be of assisstance. This is quite the sticky situation and I'm sure you'll handle it admirably. Please feel free to contact me at craftybecky at gmail dot com