Thursday, December 31, 2009

Little Ado About Much

I am deep in the first trimester haze so a collection of small thoughts about any number of things it is...

a- The pregnancy looks good. I'm sick but I think I might be somewhat less sick than my previous pregnancies. If I stop puking before the 6th month, we'll call it a win! I saw the OB the Tuesday before Christmas and all parts were there and the heartbeat was a good 170 bpm. Plus, I'm outgrowing my clothing. I am guessing that this one is a boy but we won't know for a while. Signs are good that we'll be welcoming a new friend in August!

b- I've slowly been worrying about what sort of care this poor third child can expect. We were so very on top of things with Charlie. His diapers were changed every 90 minutes, his every bodily function recorded, photo sessions happened monthly, if not more often. He got new clothing- even some stuff from Gymboree! There has been at least one instance where I honestly couldn't remember when Megan had last been changed. She gets clothes from the children's re-sale shop. We have to hunt a bit for photos and then can't remember if they were of Charlie or Megan. This third child better be both hearty and loud or at least patient.

c- I am beginning to really wonder how much of gender identity is genetic. Megan and Charlie have had access to basically the same toys. Megan carries around her baby and spends ages feeding it and rocking it and demanding that I tuck it in. Charlie uses the baby as a discus.

d- I am flirting with homeschooling as part of my long, slow march to being an accidental conservative. A full day of kindergarten seems like so much to expect of very small people. There are standardized test in KINDERGARTEN. Charlie is such a very sweet little soul (We have taken to having rest time in my room. I try to nap while Charlie watches on-demand shows from netflix on my computer. The other day he pulled the blanket up over my shoulder, patted me and said "sleep tight, I love you," and then kissed me. It was almost more than my hormonal self could take.) Some of the other little souls he meets will be decidedly less sweet. Also, I suspect he will be telling time and reading by the time he's 4. That poor kindergarten teacher will be trying to make sure no one wets themselves and no one gets decapitated with a block. Listening to Charlie read from Frog and Toad will be low on her list.

e- Why did my mother think it was a good idea to give the children finger paint for Christmas?

f- Why is it considered so out of the norm to now have 3 children but it's totally normal to have a minivan with seating for 8?

g- Charlie is hoping he will get a little brother and is really hoping we'll bring home the baby Jesus.

h- In one of the crowning ironies of life, I have developed a deep pregnancy aversion to saltines.