Monday, June 26, 2006

My Smart Little Baby

So, I've started noticing some cognitive development on the part of my fetus. The baby is starting to make movements that are feeling more deliberate. Sometimes I will get jabs in roughly the same place, at roughly the same strength, it feels much more intentional than the other random movements I feel most of the rest of the time. The baby also wallops me a good one when my stomach growls. It's happened consistenly enough to make me think it's intentional. The baby also wiggles and whaps when the baby feels "squished." When I lean against a countertop, wear a seatbelt a little too high, bend about to weed the garden or lay on my stomach, I am told, in no uncertain terms, that this is not the position of baby choice. The only complaint I have is that the baby seems to find me making noises such a "eerp," "ack," or "dwip," means that I would like the baby to make the particuarly disconcerting movement again.

In other news, I have moved up in bra size. I hadn't realized how much of the discomfort that I had been attributing to hormones was actually caused by "over constriction." However, I am now having to revert to doing up the hooks first and then twisting the feat of engineering which is now my bra into a proper position. It has left me rather hoping that if we have a girl, she will be quite well endowed. The level of lighting and dexterity required to remove the bra would at least guarantee that drunken fumbles in the backs of cars would be somewhat limited in scope. And, there is no way that one could pull off the hurried rearangements required when you hear your parents unlocking the front door or walking down the stairs. Finally, there is no wandering into the VS bra sale and picking up a cute, cheap, bra for the "full figured gal" (as I learned), ensuring that, any frilly fripperies will require a credit card and I do believe that every girl deserves cute undies but, mom will know about them, at least until age 18.

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