Monday, June 12, 2006

Busy Baby

I currently have quite the busy baby. Over the past week the baby has had hiccups, practiced walking, punched mommy hard enough to make her say "oof" several times, and discovered both mommy's bladder and lungs are excellent resting spots. There is also a mysterious thing that always makes me quite queasy. It's akin to the feeling you get on the down part of the roller coaster. I call it "swishing." My mom thinks that the baby is rolling around but I'm not sure. I usually feel an arm or head or something moving along my stomach when the baby rolls, but maybe the baby is rolling a different way or something. I suspect it may be when the baby is practicing sucking his thumb and is creating some sort or current or is maybe waving around his arms or feet, trying to find something pleasant to chew on. At any rate, I can say definatively that our baby is both smart and sensitive to other's feelings as he always seems to know exactly when I'm feeling most queasy and chooses that moment to get really nice and active.

In related news, to the list of "how much can I possibly..." we can now add pee. We are having a serious soap crisis at the moment, I am mightily lucky that there was a sale on hand soap the other week or I would be having a major problem. And, when you add the increased use of paper products from all the sneezing and peeing, I may be solely responsible for the deforestation of a smallish rain forest- it's a good thing I drive a hybrid to appease my guilt...

Finally, we are wandering into "viability" which is a huge relief. At this point, if the baby were born, they would at least have some way to care for him in the NICU. I will still feel a little better when we hit the 7 month mark but, I feel like this is a big step.


Mrs. Belle said...

I always loved when I made that point, knowing and feeling that things were finally "safe."

Becky said...

Indeed. It's so odd the way pregnancy changes the way you percieve time. During the first trimester, I felt like I would never get to this point and now I am completely baffled as to how it all went so quickly.