Friday, June 16, 2006

Holy Toledo, Batman, We're Having a Baby!

So, I suspect that this happens to many a first time pregnant woman but, in my case, I'm blaming the morning sickness. Up until the last couple of days I have known that there was a far off day in which there would be a baby joining our family. There is only so much denial possible when said baby is wailing on your intestines. However, the baby was always coming "after" something. The baby would come after we finished the bathroom remodel, finished the nursery, after the summer, and, this is where the morning sickness comes in, well AFTER the first trimester. Since I kept up with all the fun parts of the first trimester well into the second (and am still having a nodding acquaintance with them), it was only yesterday that I finally realized that I am down to my last 3 months. This came up most notably when contemplating ordering the glider which has a 12 week lead time. While I wanted to order it in March, it is now June, and we're just managing to do it. It was quite the startling moment when I realized that there was at least some possibility that the baby will beat the glider. It has begun to dawn on me that when we bring the baby home it will actually be ours, living here. There will be no one picking the baby up in 3 hours and paying me $10. When the baby cries and cries at 3 am there will be no glimmer of hope that it's parents will be home soon. It's all on me and my husband. I realize that there are fantastic parts to being a parent but, at the moment, I'm having to work a bit to see past the marathon crying sessions, 3 am feedings, and potty training, I should probably just try to go to a park today and make a point to see how may adorable smiling, sleeping, babies I can find.

To make things more exciting around here, my husband decided that if we have a boy we will not be having him circumcised. I had left this decision up to him feeling that he had better grounds to make a decision than I would. I am fine with the decision and wouldn't have left it up to him if I had had strong feelings. But, he choose to tell me about this just as the reality of the baby being ours, ALWAYS, was just sinking in. There was minor hysteria as I realized I had never even seen a "turtleneck" let alone would I be able to identify if something was wrong or how one properly cares for it. Then there was the hurdle of figuring out how to find information about the care of said appendage without winding up in porno pop-up hell. Happily, he had already scoped the issue out and the general feeling seems to be that soap, water, and leave-it-be are the best care options. Now, I just have to figure out how to explain things to those sweet home schooled girls down the block that we're planning on getting to babysit.

Finally, this weekend my parents brought down the cradle my father made for me when I was born and we also got the crib from some friends who have recently finished with their crib needing days. The cradle is in the carport as my father varnished it just before bringing it down and the crib is assembled in the living room, awaiting the painting of the nursery. Shirley, our older beagle, has been quite blase about the new furniture but Penny is quite worried by both items. The cradle is given a wide berth when coming in or out of the house and, for a time, she refused to even look out the door at it. The crib got barked at for a while and she now keeps a very close eye on it from across the room, lest it make any sudden moves. We assumed that the problem with the cradle was the smell of the varnish and (although she doesn't know it yet) expected trouble when it rocked but we have no idea what the issue with the crib is. In addition, we know from previous experience that she is afraid of strollers and suspect that she won't take the baby swing well. Desensitizing Penny is fast becoming one of our most important pre-baby tasks. I have tried to tell Penny that she will really enjoy the baby- they loose socks all the time and make delightfully stinky diapers but, thus far, this doesn't seem to be sinking in.

And now, I'm off for further contemplations of the benfits of a sling baby holder vs. the napsack sorts of baby carriers. I am having a lot of trouble getting past my irrational conviction that I'll bend over and the baby will just roll right out of the sling...


Mrs. Flinger said...

One day Mr. FLinger came home to see me crying at the computer. "What's wrong" he said running over.

"Um. A BABY is going to come out of my HAYHAY!" I was bawling.

Just a caution: DOn't look at birthing photos on the internet. You've been warned. :-)

Becky said...

Noted! :-)