Friday, February 24, 2006

Ode to My Bazongas

So, I'm fond of my boobs. They were ample in a subtle and discrete way. I could feel confidence in a low-cut top without worrying about Dolly Parton parallels. And then I got pregnant.

There are 3 body parts I'm fond of, my boobs, my eyelashes, and my fingernails. I'm really lucky that I'm past having to take those "self esteem" surveys they gave you in middle school. I would be soooo s-o-l if I had to list "3 things about my body I like." I would probably be stuck commenting on my ankles.

I have now killed my first bra. More upsetting, it was my favorite bra and I still have the matching panties. What am I going to do with the panties now? It was a lovely sky blue. I loved that bra.

I am relatively certain that this will be far from my last bra massacre. Research reveals that I can expect the girls to grow at least 3 more sizes. I don't even know what 3 more sizes puts me at beyond soviet worker chick and damn expensive.


Mrs. Flinger said...

heh.. Um. Yea. My girlies grew to their pre-reduction sugery DDD size. (From a B)


Anonymous said...

I never got that lucky. I am a B cup and I think I got into a D when I was nursing. I have a big rear though, does that count? LOL