Saturday, March 04, 2006

We're Pregnant My Ass

I have noticed that as I experience pregnancy for longer and longer my feelings about the phrase "we're pregnant" are stronger and stronger as are my feeling about anything which suggests the non-carrying the baby person has a due date. I have actually snapped the head off of a young man who was telling me about his Uncle's due date. I had to ask how I could transfer delivery duties to my husband.

While I am fine with saying that my husband will be a father, we're expecting a baby, or we're expecting the baby to come at the end of September. However, I am very emphatic about the fact that my husband IS NOT experiencing mood swings, morning sickness, bloating, constant peeing, or dry eyes (yes, it's a pregnancy symptom). While he is very cognizant the distinction, I'm having a lot of trouble conveying the idea to many people who haven't actually been pregnant. Interestingly, those who have actually been pregnant understand the very clear distinction between pregnant person and not pregnant person. I rather feel that if the other party in the pregnancy can't feel attached to the pregnancy and baby without engaging in grammatical gymnastics then, perhaps more than a pronoun change is needed.

In other news, I have begun to preface any conversation with "I'm pregnant." I find this extremely helpful when I burst into tears for no discernible reason or completely lose track of the conversation.

And I have decided that one upside of pregnancy is that I always have someone to talk to. Somehow, I think this won't seem nearly as nice when the baby is 3 and following me into the bathroom.


R*belle said...

Haha! I remember these exact same thoughts!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Me, too. Girlie, it's like reading my own journal from way back then. Of course, since I lost weeks of the first trimester after my host crashed, I'll probably have to come back and re-read all of YOUR stuff the next time around. You know, to remind myself I'm not alone again. :0)

Mama C-ta said...

Oh so true, so true.

Came here from Mrs. F! Love your site and congrats on the pregnancy.

Becky said...

Mrs. f- I had wondered why your first trimester entries looked so sparse... now I know!

p.s. Thanks for the pimp!

Thank you mama c-ta!