Friday, March 24, 2006

The 2nd trimester is in sight!

So, Wednesday wound up being this fabulous day. I went to the PT and she explained that I was doing my loosening up really early and that the two sides of my body were getting jiggy at different rates so, this was the cause of all that leg pain I've been having. She was very glad I came in now instead of waiting a couple of months, gave me 3 exercises to do, and wants to see me again next week. Also, I was finally hungry and found food appetizing again. I had an english muffin, peaches, popcorn, AND spaghetti and meat balls! It was a lovely day.

Thursday was less lovely but it does seem that someday I will actually be able to consistently eat again. I had begin to despair.

The only downside of the approaching 2nd trimester seems to be an increasing level of absentmindedness. I am still more on top of things that my dogs though, thank heavens! Every morning, Penny comes to check on me and as soon as I am in a sitting position she bounds onto the bed to inspect me and wait for my husband to call them down for their morning walk to the mailbox. He calls for them, Penny leaps off the bed and Shirley emerges from her dog bed for a nice stretch. Penny and Shirley then begin sniffing one another and sometimes make it as far as the top of the stairs before coming to a halt with no idea what it was they were on their way to do. My husband then calls then again and Penny will remember that there was to be a WALK. Shirley is a little dim and stands at the top of the stairs and listens to Allen call her for another minute or so before finally catching on. Since it's rare that I know what the puppies were planning to do when they set off on their adventures, I can only guess how many times a day they start off, only to completely forget what they set out to do. We should be quite the trio when pregnancy brain sets in in earnest.

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