Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shoot me now...

I decided to start substitute teaching again. I accepted 2 jobs. Both afternoon only. Both fairly light assignments. I told the student teacher I worked with on Thursday to keep an eye on one kid who had a pink eye. I wasn't sure if it was pink because of pink eye or if it was pink from him rubbing it or what. I then proceeded to silently curse the lack of sink in the portable the class was in and make a mental note for some quality Purell time ASAP. Guess what I came down with last night...

Pink eye!

My more effected eye is my right eye which is my "good" eye as I have an astigmatism. So, I'm actually legally blind at the moment without my glasses (lacking my good eye) but, if I wear my glasses, I get a headache from all the weirdness my brain experiences getting all it's input from my weak eye.

Over the course of the night I also discovered that I had "slept wrong" and it totally hurt to lie on my left side. But, my right leg was having some sort of sciatica issue which led to it being really painful to sleep on my right side or my back. Allergy season is kicking off and is showing a definite preference for my right sinus. I also developed a really fun fixation at about 5 am on how much I hated the color we decided to paint the master bathroom. Sleep was rather elusive...

Then, while my husband was taking the dogs to the mailbox and back there was even more fun. I had begun to feel rather nasty but decided that as I was at 12.5 weeks I simply refused to continue experiencing morning sickness on top of all the other misery of the past 8 hours and deduced that I must just need to burp. I was wrong. I was wrong on the bed, floor, trash can, and, finally, in the sink. Not only was I wrong but I was too blind to figure out which items needed to be washed as I had only had ginger ale thus far which is convienent for clean-up but clear and thus not so convenient for the blind to find.

So, I wound up sitting at the top of the stairs, a weepy, pink, itchy, nasty, sore, sleepy mess waiting for my husband to come back so he could help me on a puke hunt.

The doctor's office opens at 1. I am considering taking 1/2 a phenergan and just letting my pitiful self sleep until then.

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