Friday, March 10, 2006


So, every time I tell anyone that I'm experiencing morning sickness (only after being specifically asked, generally) I'm given the same pieces of advice.

In random order:

Have you tried oyster crackers?

Eat saltines before you even sit up!

Drinking ginger ale can really help.

Just don't let yourself get hungry.

Less frequently:

Ginger/peppermint tea is helpful.

Have you tried the ginger altoids?

And, my favorite:

Just go for a walk and let the exercise help you through it. (Notably, this is from a woman who never actually had morning sickness and is having great difficulty understanding the struggle which is walking from my bed to the kitchen to get some nice, raisin bread in the morning.)

When given these suggestions, I have, thus far, tried to be polite and thankful for their suggestions. But, I've really almost reached my limit. I have been having morning sickness for 5+ weeks at this point. I have bought stock in gingerale and stock piled ginger tea. Ginger altoids have a permanent home in my purse. I have strategic soda deposits throughout the house so that I am never more than 10 steps away from bubbly goodness. I had a very close relationship with crackers until the doughy, nasty texture sitting in my mouth first thing in the morning revealed itself to be a "bad plan." While the suggestions may have been helpful if I had been raised in a land where no one had ever been pregnant before, during the first 3 days, at this point I just want to say "Duh!" Do people really, honestly think that they would be the first ones to suggest these things?


Julie said...

Hi! I found you though Growing up Grote...I just had to post when I read this. I am 30 weeks pregnant and have to agree with what you're saying. I had the same suggestions. It was only when my husband's dad made the suggestion of saltines that I really wanted to punch someone...hello...I don't think he's ever been pregnant before. The majority of my symptoms went away around the start of the second trimester. Good luck with yours, I hope your morning sickness subsides soon!

Mrs. Flinger said...

From someone who puked five times a day for ten weeks, all I could do was eat pop tarts and sit on the couch with my silver bowl. (not Silver, really, more like metal salad bowl big 'nuff for the puking.)

I can give you tips on what worked for me (really, nothing did) but in the end, it's just kinda a little hell and it won't stop early enough. I know it's not helpful, but at least it's honest. :-) And THAT is why I'm not ready for number 2. Gawd, the puking!

Here for ya if you need anything. (and I won't mention gingerale)

Becky said...

Thanks girls! I have high hopes that I'm almost done. We'll have to see how it goes though... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ugh morning sickness .. it really sucked when you had to be at work at 630am and you had to puke in the nasty public restroom commode! Gawd!

Nothing worked for me, except time ... I pray your time is up soon!

Mrs. Belle said...

I held on to my desk for 20 weeks praying that it would pass. I tried the motion sickness bands (which actually helped a bit), the saltines, all that crap. The only thing that helped was dehydration and my docs decision to put me on Zofran. You can also ask about Phenergan. The only good thing I took from it is that it means you have a really strong and healthy pregnancy and that yes, it will end at some point.