Tuesday, April 04, 2006

No one does "paranoid" like Jack

So, still with the morning sickness. I have tried everything short of sacrificing a small yak to a minor deity. I have finally given in and simply take the phenergan. Yes, it knocks me out for 4 hours at a stretch but, for the rest of the day, I can actually enter the kitchen and no, I can't just take a 1/4 pill as that makes me just sleepy enough to be dizzy and get motion sickness- not such a help. On the up side, it IS just morning sickness. I can keep liquids down, I don't need iv fluids, I haven't gained any weight but I'm only down by a pound or two. It could be so much worse. I tell myself this a lot, especially at 4 am...

Since I have nothing amusing about pregnancy to say, I thought it was time for a puppy story! Gather round!

Thunderstorm season has started here. To be more precise, it started at 2am a couple of nights ago. That was when we discovered that sometime between last fall and this spring Penny has become much more frightened by thunderstorms. We also discovered that the safest place to be during a thunderstorm is under my pillow, barring that, sitting on my head makes a close 2nd. Interestingly, while the thunder is definitely of concern, Penny seems much more worried about the pounding rain on the roof. She spent a good hunk of the storm looking around frantically trying to identify where the invaders were. While I maintain that Jack Nicholson does the best brink of psychosis paranoia (re: The Shining), Penny was running a close second. While she was wandering around the bed, trying to dig a nice nest in our bed, climb under the bed, sniffing the air, or taking a quick foray into the bathroom to contemplate hiding in the bathroom closet, my husband and I were debating about what to do.

Shirley is our other dog and she is a very worried dog. Shirley has a lovely prescription for Xanax. We debated giving Penny some. Finally, brilliant puppy parents that we are, we realized that we crate trained the poor dear and then put the crate on the 1st floor while we, the pack, were inconveniently located on the 3rd floor. In times of danger, This Will Not Do! Penny is a firm believer that there is safety in numbers but her crate is the safest spot in the house- what is a puppy to do? We finally came to our senses and brought her crate upstairs so that both the crate and the pack were re-united. Penny has spent 75% of her time chilling in her crate ever since. Apparently, all is again right with her world.

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