Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How To Go to the store in 39 simple steps

  1. Decide you are going to make felted dryer balls.
  2. Plan to go to craft store, leaving at 10.
  3. Begin preparing at 9:15.
  4. Start to change Charlie's diaper.
  5. Discover you are out of diapers downstairs and have to run up to get more.
  6. Start to change Charlie's diaper.
  7. Realize you forgot to wash your hands first and you have a cold sore.
  8. Wash hands.
  9. Wrestle toothpaste, hairbrush, sunblock, and fish food out of Charlie's hands as he helpfully cheers on your handwashing.
  10. Finally change Charlie's diaper.
  11. Charlie poops.
  12. Change Charlie's diaper.
  13. Change Megan's diaper.
  14. Run upstairs for Charlie's socks and shoes.
  15. Upon return smell something...change Megan's diaper only to discover a false alarm.
  16. Begin to wonder what the hell these children are eating.
  17. Put on Charlie's socks and shoes.
  18. Start to carry Charlie out to the car.
  19. DEFCON 1 is reached due to the girl not being on bus with friends and dog.
  20. Find girl hidden in corner, place in bus, sing round of Wheels on the Bus for good measure.
  21. Stop to put on my socks and shoes.
  22. Discover than none of my cute shoes go with outfit.
  23. Sigh over yet another frumpy day.
  24. Carry Charlie out to the car.
  25. Remind self to get Charlie's sacred red sippy cup.
  26. Get Megan.
  27. Put Megan in car.
  28. Give treats to dogs- watch Penny (45 pound, healthy dog) accidentally drop treat and Shirley (partially blind, deaf, arthritic, 25 pound dog) steal it from under Penny's nose.
  29. Sigh.
  30. Wonder what propensity for adopting neurotic dogs indicates.
  31. Give Penny new treat.
  32. Back out of driveway.
  33. Realize you forgot something and remember baby carrier.
  34. Back in, re-treat, drop, sigh, and away we go at a still respectable 10:05.
  35. Get half-way to craft store and realize forgot sacred red sippy cup.
  36. Careen over 2 lanes to catch exit to go back home at last second.
  37. Wonder if you will make it to craft store during this geological epoch.

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