Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bitty Bumps and Bounces

So, I've been feeling this little bit for about a month now. I first noticed her (I really think it's a her this time) after my last OB appointment. I woke up in the middle of the night trying to figure out if I had to pee or puke until it finally dawned on me that the funky feeling was coming from right about where the OB had found the heartbeat. (speaking of which... can you say "low." It was into the forest time for that doppler mic. Although, it was also nice because I finally figured out that was probably why it takes me so long to really show.)

I have come to the conclusion that noticing the really early, shivery, flippy in the middle feelings is a lot like your first kiss. It's exciting and wonderful while at the same time being a little odd and leaving you with slightly mixed feelings. In the form of the kiss there is all that wondering of where your noses go and if people really use their tongues because "Ewww!" In the form of the baby movement, since I noticed it so much earlier than with Charlie, there was the fact that it wasn't so much those fun pokes as it was a feeling that left you with the nagging suspicion that something was happening with your gastro-intestinal tract that you couldn't identfy- unsettling at all times and particularly so when you are totally in the middle of morning sickness. At this point though, things have settled into the more comforting bitty bumps and bounces; little hellos from the newest member of the family. It's not consistent by any means yet but often enough to be reassuring and make all the puking seem worth it. Charlie has taken to lifting up my shirt to poke at my belly button and I can't help but think that soon it will poke back. Whatever will he make of that?

I had another appointment today and things look good. The heart rate was in the 150s and the baby was sitting slightly higher so I am no longer worried that all those kegels were a complete waste and that my uterus was about to fall out or something. The big ultrasound won't be until January 10th which is way later than any of the other May Mommies somehow the doctor was more concerned about good images that gave really solid information about the baby's health than my desire to include the sex in the Christmas letter. Humph!

In other news, Charlie is battling a cold/ear thing/cough that he kindly shared with me and he is having a terrible time with naps because of the whole not able to breathe thing. I also decided that it would be nice to knock out 6 Christmas presents at one go and make a photo book of Charlie for various family members which is causing my computer great consternation. And there's all that other Christmas stuff to do. So, my evenings and weekends and coherent thoughts are being eaten up at a startling clip. Someday I will be coherent enough in the evenings again to post on something like a regular basis.

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