Saturday, October 13, 2007

1st Appointment

So, apparently my OB broke his wrist last weekend while biking. That meant that my appointment moved from Monday to Friday. We were able to see the baby and it looks great! Although, this baby seems a bit more shy than Charlie and didn't want to have it's picture taken so we wound up with more of a fuzzy blob than a cute profile shot but maybe this indicates that this baby will be a good sleeper- I'm hoping anyway. The heartrate was in the 170s and the baby even flipped around a little while we watched- so sweet! Anyway, I apparently ovulated ages later than I thought I would and it really is a minor miracle I got pregnant that cycle at all. This explains why I wound up peeing on so very many sticks and why the line was so faint. My due date is now May 17th. Although, after Charlie I have very little faith in due dates. I prefer to think of it as due month with the assumption that should the fates continue to smile on this pregnancy, I will have a baby sometime in the month of May. Also, therapists have been consulted, books have been read, and discussion was had and, assuming all goes well, I have been cleared as a good candidate for VBAC. In fact, my OB said he "loves" VBACs. His only real concern is if I attempt the "trial of labor" and fail then the recovery will be a doozy but, we'll hope for the best and I think I will probably err on the side of bailing early rather than late if it comes to it.


Skyzi said...

I always loved the ultrasounds. May is a beautiful month for a baby!

Out of curiosity (and because I'm in the same boat) why did you have a c section with Charlie? I soooo want to have a VBAC next time around.

Toes in the sand said...

Yay for a great ultrasound! I loved it when I got to take a peek at my little ones =)