Sunday, July 22, 2007

11 Things About Me

1- I really love doing laundry. It's my favorite household chore. I get to feel like I have really accomplished something just by sticking a bunch of stuff into a new spot to stash it. Now, putting away the laundry is another matter all together...

2- I love having meals socked away in my deep freezer.

3- My favorite meal to have in my deep freeze is a fish packet. You take the flash frozen fish fillets (I usually use tilapia) and put them on a bed of frozen veggies on a piece of aluminum foil and stick a couple of lemon slices and some sort of herb on top. Pop in a couple of frozen cubes of white wine and fold into a little packet. You can then make as many servings as you need by pulling them out of the freezer and baking at 400' for 45 minutes (25 if they were in a regular freezer).

4- I was totally Ginny/Harry before it was cool.

5- I have 2 "comfort books."

6- They came to college with me and to the birth of my son.

7- One is Tam Lin by Pamela Dean

8- The other is Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones. (The cover on the edition I linked is really hideous- mine looks much more appealing)

9- I tend to like stories where the girl saves the boy.

10- That meant that I also fell in love with Princess Florecita and the Iron Shoes when I was doing lit reviews for my children's lit class but I don't own it for some reason.

11- Now I totally know what I want one of my Christmas presents to be.

I mostly posted this because I was tired of the hazing post being at the top but also, it seems like all the cool kids have these lists of 100 things in their about sections. I'm not quite a cool kid so I'll just do 11 for now.

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