Thursday, January 04, 2007

From Charlie...

Charlie asked me to pass along the following information.

Greetings to all other infants in blogland!

I have been conducting extensive research over the last few weeks on methods to convince your mommy you don't need a nap as we all know that all the very best stuff happens while we are sleeping- I have heard rumors of a thing called "laundry," it is sure to be fascinating.

The following strategies have failed thus far...

1. Bellowing like a wounded moose

2. Bellowing like a wounded moose in heat

3. Bellowing like a wounded moose in heat while frantically flailing your arms and arching your back.

4. Burrowing your face into mommy's shoulder while frantically clawing at her chest, bellowing like a wounded moose in heat, arching your back, and kicking your legs.

Mommies are also very uncooperative! I have often tried doing all of the previous with my eyes shut as a sort of compromise. This is met with a snort of derision- where is the love? I have tried raising my eyebrows as high as possible to fend off the shutting of the eyes but this is of limited success.

Please notify me soonest when you find a functional strategy for convincing mommy you don't need a nap or if you find out what this fabulous laundry thing is.



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