Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just a couple of minutes...

1. I started using Chrome as a browser. It is faster but the autofill is slowly driving me insane and for some reason it's always taking me to facebook.

2. Noah may have his first "word." It started just shy of 8 months. He tends to say "mmm" to indicate hunger. It seems to be multipurpose as most early language is, indicating wanting to nurse, wanting another bite (he finally came around to solids), asking for a cracker to nibble, and, most enchantingly, speculating that something would be ideal for teething on.

3. I drew smiley faces on the insteps of Megan's outer soles. She can now put her shoes on the correct feet by making them smile at one another. She is very proud of this achievement.

4. Charlie is completely astounded at the idea that kindergarten involves going to school on Mondays. He's never been to school on a Monday and, prior to this week, the thought of going never entered his head. It reminded me of last year when I told him he would go to school on Fridays. His response: "But, Mommy, when will we go to Target?"

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