Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweetness at 5:18 am

So, Noah is my fussy baby. Charlie was still probably the hardest baby with the whole not sleeping even when held thing and Megan is currently still the winner for ugliest, ugly cry but Noah, he is a fusser! He's happiest when being held by Mommy (which isn't really all that surprising) and won't sleep anywhere for any length of time except when within smelling distance of me so I am generally just able to pull off keeping the household limping along. I do pretty well with facebook, though, and am hoping to branch out to twitter again so, if you're dying for news, drop me a line with your social media info and we can be "friends" or "followers." (Why do none of them make it possible to have "minions?" That would be social media I could get attached to!)

While Noah is fussy, it makes the sweet moments even sweeter. Noah has moved on from only sleeping in the crook of my arm to sleeping NEXT to me (it was a big deal) and I had moved him a little further away from me in an attempt to gradually get him to make it into the co-sleeper sometime in the next year. It had only been about 45 minutes since he last nursed when I heard stirring next to me. Picking Noah up, I realized that he felt a little cool and then he wasn't interested in nursing. Apparently, he was just cold. So, I nestled him back into the crook of my arm to get him warmed up and he made the most adorable little croon. It sounded almost like a kitten purr. And then he patted my face and promptly went back to sleep. It was the sweetest thing I've ever experienced at 5:18 am. I suspect that if he keep this sort of psychological warfare up, he'll make it to the co-sleeper in 2018.

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