Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helpful Household Hints with Counter-Cultural Flair!

  • If you want your laundry to just smell clean, try using Charlie's Soap with a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener.
  • Liquid Dr Bronner's is often available in bulk from natural food's stores. It's fair trade and not really all that expensive to use as a hand soap since you have to cut it with water- it's too thick otherwise. Tea tree oil helps fight germs without all the ick of triclosan and the scent is actually quite light. Between the laundry just smelling like laundry and the soap smelling mostly like soap, I now find more standard scented items to be overwhelming and I'm pretty sure that's not a bad thing.
  • Cut your plastic consumption by using re-fillable containers for your liquid soap and consider only using liquid soaps in the kitchen. Keep bar soaps well drained and wash for a good 30 seconds and you honestly won't die of a combination of super bugs and contamination- I promise!
  • Have you been a bit distressed by how much waste your monthly girly needs create? Consider the re-usable possibilities!
  • Create a paperless kitchen! This is something I'm working on but have currently been felled by the logistical difficulties of tiny children and pregnancy inertia.
  • Do you want to feel mildly paranoid at all times? If so, subscribe to thesmartmama twitter feed. She will keep you completely on top of lead and pthalates and all manner of other OMG!Fudgesicle! children's issues. I find it helpful to feel in the know but it can be a bit much at times so be sure to self filter as you need to.
  • For a decidedly non-counterculture nod... If you just want to know if the damn milk has expired, consider printing out these mini calendar pages, mount them on pretty sheets of scrapbook paper, punch 2 holes at the top and tie with a pretty ribbon to make your own customized, small calendar that's just perfect for hanging on your always spotless fridge!
  • If you were hoping to go both counter culture AND Jesus freak with your nutrition this year, Kitchen Stewardship has you covered! While I can totally get behind any number of her goals such as cutting out processed foods, dyes, HFCS, etc, I did blink a bit when I got to the argument that saturated fat is good for you. This mom is very sincere and earnest and is always up for some well reasoned debate. It's like visiting with that mom that always brings the sort of *different* snacks to preschool. She has some great information and the rest offers some interesting food for thought.
Apropos of nothing... I can't wait for some moss to peek up it's head so I can make one of these.


suzannah said...

you are a girl after my own heart:) we love us some charlie's, too, but now we're going even simpler: a bar of dr brommers grated and mixed with borax and washing soda. works on diapers, too. i need to actually make some today and plan to post the recipe.

go paperless! really, it's so simple, i can't believe we didn't do it sooner.

i read michael pollan's in defense of food this year and it transformed how i look at food, diet, and nutrition--including "bad" saturated fats. it's fascinating and informative without being academic or preachy. check it out (in all your spare time!)

Kitchen Stewardship said...

Kind of fun to see how other people describe a visit to Kitchen Stewardship! I'm giving away Charlie's Soap starting tomorrow, so come on back! ;) Katie