Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ultrasound Results!

We had the big ultrasound on Thursday and we're having a GIRL! We're so very excited (especially my husband). I have already ordered 2 tiny pink onsies- crazy8 was having a clearance sale with free shipping and I had to get something for Charlie anyway... :-)

She was shy and kept her arm over her face but we got some really lovely spinal shots. The tech was also able to see that everything looked good and we have every reason to expect a perfectly healthy little person in about 4 months.

Her head is very low though and this is causing my uterus to speak up occasionally. It apparently doesn't like getting jabbed quite where she likes to stretch so, we made a quick trip to L and D on Friday but she had finally shifted by the time got there (don't they always!) and things quieted down nicely. I took it very easy yesterday and am trying to be careful today but I'll have to jump back in tomorrow. Apparently there was a big growth spurt this week (explaining my monster appetite and need for 15 hours of sleep a day) which may be irritating things as well. But that will be done soon. I'll breathe a nice sigh once we finally make it to 30 weeks though.

It really does seem to be true that each pregnancy is very different. Charlie tended to move around more. He loved to spin and swish and I never believed the books when I read that they spend 85-95% of the time asleep. He also tended to always keep me up for about 2 hours between 2 and 6 am which has carried over to his early childhood as well. This little girl moves plenty enough to keep me reassured but seems to sleep a bit more and her active time seems to be more in the evening, after dinner. She's also much more responsive to food. As soon as I have a snack (especially a sweet one), she kicks up a storm. But, she also tends to sit on things that I once considered rather important to not interfere with- like arteries and major nerves. And, since she isn't quite the acrobat that Charlie was, this means that once she finds a spot she likes, it takes a while for her to move on. As I told her on Friday, her brother never made me go to L and D in a bit of an anxious cloud. At the same time, I'm hoping this means she might be a sleeper- keep your fingers crossed! Of course, she's only just now really getting into her movement groove so, she might become twice the acrobat her brother was in the next few weeks. And, while the contractions are nerve-raking, in some ways, it's preferable to never getting to sleep through the night even before you've had the baby.


Skyzi said...

Congrats! You are so lucky to now have one of each!

DBN said...

Congrats! I am glad everything is going so well for you!

Anne said...

HAHA!! Congratulations; as you know, girls rule!