Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Zounds! A non-baby post!

So, Charlie and I listen to Morning Edition during our start of the day activities. My husband came back in for something he had forgotten the other day and was startled to be greeted by a loud "bull shit" from me. He astutely figure out that I was actually conversing with the radio. I have yet to figure out if this ranks above or below conversations with the dogs. I miss the days when I could converse with my belly... Anyway, US automakers are claiming that they can't possibly make cars all that much more efficient because US consumers don't really want efficient cars. There is more to it but, might I say, that I totally would have bought a Yugo minivan if it had gotten 40 MPG. As it is, we went with the Odyssey, in large part, because half the pistons shut down when you hit a cruising speed and fuel economy goes up. The story is here. These are the times that I begin to really see why protectionism really wasn't the way to go.

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ceri said...

please give us fuel-efficient vehicles!! we'd gladly buy a hybrid if they were under $20,000.