Friday, May 25, 2007

A bevy of thoughts and opinions...

Charlie is now of an age where he can amuse himself for a while. However, this is only really possible in his nursery. He isn't old enough to just hang in the nursery by himself. The number of productive tasks you can accomplish in the nursery is, somewhat unsurprisingly, low. Hence, I am becoming rather enthralled by chrysalis.

When I become mistakenly optimistic about the world I try to do crazy things, like pick things up, whatever I have in my hand becomes far better than the big pink ball and I am then stuck prying things out of Charlie's hands and mouth (now with three teeth!).

Will Charlie ever reach a point when he isn't teething?

How is it that I have been back at pre-baby weight (actually a bit below) and in pre-baby clothing for months but I still have more tummy than I started with? Is this fair? Can't I get points for effort?

We have 2 dogs. One dog is enthralled by Charlie a hunk of the time and would love to play. When she is done with Charlie she intelligently leaves the room. The other dog would really rather Charlie leave her alone but has yet to figure out she can totally run faster than him. Which dog do you think Charlie would like to have as his bff?

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Skyzi said...

You just got 20 points for being in pre baby weight! It is amazing (frightening) how there is now a certain jiggle that wasn't there before.